The power of “hydrogen that produces results”

The Power of “hydrogen to be out of the results

 2019 Health Support Center of new initiatives
 In the past “in the health Support Center fourth of therapy ( as the private sector)“, autoimmune activity,
 Takafuji formula for the purpose of active oxygen removal ” hydrogen gas suction therapy and” we have let me offer.
 From the beginning of the year, research for some time, will add two types of therapy which had been developed. that is,
 1, “plasma therapy
 2, “Ph10 (reduced water) therapy” is … What’s New
 Together with the “hydrogen gas suction therapy” than this year, we will continue working on the “fourth therapy” as a powerful three arrows.
 Please stay tuned!

Of what the “Hydrogen gas absorption argument therapy” is Ru came out expectations ….?!

 - self-activity of his own immune forces
 - to remove the activity of oxygen
· Regeneration of normal cells to encourage
 · Root the fundamental beauty capacity measures

The corresponding name of the disease, non-disease measures 

Currently, in research institutions at home and abroad, verification of medical evidence have been made.
– is I (malignant tumor) … recurrence, you can introduce a large number of therapy examples such as prevention
– reducing the side effect of anti-cancer agents
– cerebral infarction ( sequelae and reserve army ) Other links
– myocardial infarction ( sequelae and reserve army ) Other links
– Other, stroke
– fatigue, stress reduction
– poor circulation … of body temperature law and immunity reference
· Sleep disorders
– atopic dermatitis and allergic inflammation
– diabetes type 2
· Band-like blebs eruptions
· Kidney disease  renal not all  artificial dialysis ( blood purification therapy )
– pancreatitis 
– prostate fertilizer Large
– high blood pressure
– interstitial pneumonia
– collagen (light source) disease , arthritis (an autoimmune disease)
– Parkinson’s disease
– brain, early recovery support after myocardial infarction (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of advanced medical B)
· Lipid abnormalities, constipation, summer heat
· Arthritis, frozen shoulder, muscle fatigue etc
 Not disease measures : stress, fatigue, fatigue, insomnia, hangover
 What’s New 2019

Skin and aging care

Human cells will aging (aging) with age.
Aging is very different personal living environment, habits, in the genetic element.
You can not rejuvenate it, but to slow the progression, it is possible that as much as possible maintain the status quo.
Aging is the fight against oxidation (bad active oxygen).
It is important to intake of antioxidant foods to combat oxidation.
However, vitamins (coenzymes) and lycopene, coenzyme, unsaturated fatty acids such as are contained within the cell
It is not possible to prevent oxidation.
A small hydrogen is possible that the most elemental.
“Hydrogen gas suction therapy” is the area where most research now as aging measures, clinical trials have been performed.
The corresponding aging items,
– of skin dullness
· Spots, wrinkles
– of skin sagging, dryness of the face
Dull, pores of blackheads opening
is. For more information, 

hydrogen and beauty contents please see.